Christinea Walker

Christinea Walker is the president and founder of the Rett Syndrome Society of BC and mother to 2 amazing adult children. Riley, age 25, and Kayla who just turned 20. Kayla was diagnosed at the age of 3 after typical Rett Syndrome symptoms started to appear. She took a leave of absence from her managerial position to ensure that Kayla was supported in every way of her life such as school, therapy, community, friendships, and family. Since 2013 she has devoted her time to not only her daughter but also to all the families affected with Rett Syndrome across British Columbia. There has been a lack of knowledge and support in British Columbia for Rett Syndrome and that is why she founded the Rett Syndrome Society of British Columbia 9 years ago. Christinea has advocated tirelessly to ensure a clinic was established in 2019, one of her biggest goals achieved thus far, with many more hopefully on the horizon.

Leigh-Anne Stitt
Vice President

Leigh-Anne Stitt has been the Vice President of the Rett Syndrome Society of BC (RSSBC) since the Spring of 2019. She is an Aunt very much in love with her niece, Olive and nephew, Ira. Olive, now 8, was diagnosed with Rett Syndrome in March of 2017. Although still learning about Rett syndrome, Leigh-Anne joined RSSBC to support families living with the disorder. She is passionate about educating herself and others on Rett syndrome, giving back to the Rett Syndrome community, and being the best Aunt she can be. Leigh-Anne lives part-time in the Okanagan and part-time in Vancouver and has a consulting practice in Organizational and Leadership Development.


Kathryn Santora has been volunteering as Treasurer for the Rett Syndrome Society of BC since March 2019. She is the mother of Elisabeth who is 29 years old. Elisabeth had delays from when she was 6 months old but was not diagnosed until she was 5 (in the days before genetic testing). Elisabeth’s Dad passed away from Multiple Sclerosis so Kathryn has juggled work and caring for Elisabeth for most of Elisabeth’s life. She has been involved with Housing Co-ops and her church for many years and has been a Support Parent with Family Support Institute. She has a background in accounting for not-for-profits. Kathryn relied heavily on parent support groups throughout Elisabeth’s life and wants to be able to help other families with their journey.

Christine Velez
Fundraising Coordinator

Christine Velez joined the board of the Rett Syndrome Society of British Columbia in July of 2019. Since becoming a stepmom to a precious girl with Rett Syndrome, she has been passionate about learning more about it and ways to support those affected by it. Having lived in more remote places in BC in the past, she recognizes some of the challenges associated with getting services and finding community when facing the challenges of coping with a less common condition. She is a veterinarian by profession and is glad for the opportunity to help create a community of support and information for all in BC who are facing the unique challenges of living with Rett Syndrome.


Tiffany Wai joined the R.S.S.B.C board in June of 2020. She began serving the society by coordinating all Social Media ensuring all members were informed of upcoming events. Tiffany learned of the opportunity to serve R.S.S.B.C when she saw a posting for volunteer recruitment at a University of British Columbia  Facebook group. She is very passionate about helping people in the rare diseases field and is hoping to help support families and the board. Tiffany is an undergraduate student in the Faculty of Science at U.B.C., she has already begun basic research and is involved in different community services.


In our annual board meeting, nothing has changed for this year.