Becoming a member of RSSBC means becoming a part of the growing community and the network that our society encompasses.

Membership for the RSSBC entitles you to become an active member in the society. Gaining access and opportunities to engage with resources and other society members. Below is a specific list of what opportunities are included with this membership:

  • Access to webinars.
  • A vote at the annual general meeting (usually held in April).
  • Receive up to date information regarding RSSBC projects, activities, resources and meetings.
  • Connection to the network of members presently part of RSSBC.
  • Active voice on RSSBC projects; such as, website design and brochure information.
  • Access to members only content on our website.

It was agreed unanimously at the 2022 Annual General Meeting to change our membership requirements. 

The Rett Syndrome Society of British Columbia now offers a lifetime membership!

RSSBC understands that not all members are in the same financial situation at the same time. That is why our membership has been developed to ensure accessibility for all our members in which you choose what is affordable to your family. Our suggested membership price is $25.00, but please choose what is right for your family’s situation. 

Pay what you can afford.