We are proud to announce our partner fundraiser with T’hekä Mixed Media! T’hekä Mixed Media is a local business based in Maple Ridge, BC. They specialize in knitwear, stickers, and more! October is Rett Syndrome Awareness Month, and all proceeds will be donated to RSSBC. We hope you consider purchasing a beautiful hat to support the research, care, and lives of those with Rett Syndrome. -The RSSBC Team

From T’hekä Mixed Media’s Instagram @theka_mixed_media

“Hello everyone! My name is Kayla, I have Rett Syndrome. I use an eye-gaze computer. An eye tracker scans my eyes and lets me point to words that are programmed into the computer without using my hands. The computer then speaks all my thoughts! Cool, right? I like people to know that I understand what they say, please don’t ignore me!

My favourite food is junk food. I like to go to movies; my favourite studio is Pixar. I have a dog named Nova. My favourite song is The Circle of Life. My favourite TV show is Loki on Disney+.”

Kayla is an absolutely amazing human and we have teamed up to bring you something special this October. We both went to Elementary school together and recently reconnected when she came into my other job one day. We got to talking and thought this month would be an awesome opportunity to do some fundraising!! 💜💜💜

October is Rett Syndrome awareness month, so for the entire month of October I will be offering these beautiful purple toques (the Rett Syndrome ribbon colour) that Kayla picked out herself, and all proceeds will be going towards the Rett Syndrome Society of British Columbia (RSSBC) @rett_syndrome_bc link for the organization will be in my bio for the entire month so you can check them out yourself! Sizes and quantities will be limited! 💜

Go check out Kayla’s account as well at @kwalk.eats She loves making food and sharing her creations with everyone. YUMMY!

Images courtesy of T’hekä Mixed Media’s Instagram and Etsy

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