easter inscription from marshmallows and carrots

Easter Tips

Here is Day 2 of our Easter Survival Tips! We would like to remind you that every child is different and unique and responds to stimuli in different ways. Here is what worked for us!

Adapt your Easter Egg hunt. No one is less happy than a kid with an empty basket at the end of an Easter egg hunt. While it may be tempting to hover nearby and help your child find his eggs, there are ways to adapt your hunt so he can be successful on his own. The first step is to lay out the rules: Everyone stops after finding X number of eggs, which gives slower children more time to look for their eggs without fear of them all being found. Or try assigning each child their own colour to find. Talking eggs give an additional auditory clue and are also great for kids with visual impairments. One of my favourite home visit activities this time of year is an egg hunt inside a sensory bin (usually rice). Because it’s one-on-one, each child has as much time as they want to find their eggs and it’s an activity that is easily adapted to each child’s needs.

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