Josh’s Journey: Part 5

From Josh:

June 9, 2021

We recently got to spend about 18 hours in Dinosaur Provincial Park in SE Alberta and wish we had a week. It was unbelievable there, with hiking and exploring to do for days! I got myself stuck halfway around the campsite loop (the park’s website said we could fit in our site – which we did – but the road to get there was WAY too tight) and had to back out, and then continue backing around the loop road the wrong way, right into our site. It was an adventurous introduction to the park, and I was pretty proud of myself for being able to do it without damaging anything! I’m sure we greatly amused the twenty-somethings that were watching the whole thing unfold. Once we were set up we headed out for some short walks along a 3km scenic loop drive in the park and got to see 2 real dinosaur skeleton fossils exactly where they discovered them.

On our next visit here we’d love to do one of the guided walks with a park interpreter to see even more fossils! We were treated to some dramatic skies and a lightning show near the end of our visit as well. Can’t wait to go back there – a trip highlight so far!

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