Josh’s Journey: Part 8

From Josh:

June 24, 2021

Canada is HUGE. Since our last update, we’ve driven over 2100km from SE Saskatchewan, through Manitoba (which is closed to us) across Northern Ontario, around the top of Lake Superior, and arrived on Manitoulin Island. And we covered that distance in 4 drive days, with just one day off thrown in the middle of it. Covering that distance in that amount of time is a big task for anyone, but for us, it was a serious mission. Between towing a big rig, and the frequent stops we need to make for June, it takes a toll for sure! We’re learning that moving often is a LOT of work.

Most of our drive days were uneventful, but we did find a couple of cool spots to stop and check out – Kakabeka Falls & the Terry Fox Memorial, and a beautiful beach on Lake Superior where June enjoyed playing in the sand. The drive along the shore of Lake between Wawa and Sault Ste. Marie is particularly beautiful and we’d like to come back and spend some more time in this area.

After arriving on Manitoulin Island, we enjoyed a beautiful sunset and threw some rocks in the lake. Today we walked around the campground, a quick swim this morning for Oliver, and a drive to explore the massive wind turbines close by. June is also getting some of her strength back – she has been doing more walking the last couple of weeks and is able to go longer each time. We are very thankful for that and hopeful that it continues. We also passed the 1-month mark on our trip – time is flying, and we are really enjoying this adventure and time together.

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