Josh’s Journey: Part 7

From Josh:

June 17, 2021

After leaving Grasslands National Park, we continued our way east on some secondary highways in southern Saskatchewan. We made our way through Gravelbourg, a small francophone town that was featured in a recent season of CBC’s “Still Standing”, a TV series showcasing Canada’s struggling small towns. While much of what we wanted to see was closed due to COVID (the French bakery/cafe was top of our list), we did manage to get a personal tour of the local Cathedral from the same guide that was on the show! It was a great experience, and June actually seemed very interested in all of the art inside. We had planned to be in the Winnipeg area this week, but with Manitoba pretty much closed to non-residents, we needed to find somewhere else to hang out for the week while we waited to see whether Ontario was going to open up.

We wanted to be close to the Saskatchewan/Manitoba border, to give us the possibility of driving right across Manitoba in one day. I seem to have lucked out in finding Moose Mountain Provincial Park in SE Saskatchewan! It is a large park that actually has a community inside of it – apparently the only park in the province like it. There are a number of lakes – one of which has a nice beach and is swimmable – as well as golfing and lots of walking/cycling trails. They even have full service (water, sewer, electric), pull-through sites! We were able to get 6 nights in a huge site with a massive lawn area! We’ve been mostly relaxing here – we had one beach day, but otherwise have been hanging around the campsite and trying to slow down a bit.

June has had a few more rough patches the last few days too – she is having more blood show up in her stomach drainage and has been more upset/irritable at times too. We’re hoping this will pass soon. Today she slept on and off all afternoon & it’s nice to be able to just let her do that when she needs it. With Ontario having just announced they are removing their travel ban, Saturday we are continuing east – it will be a long drive day from here to western Ontario!

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