Josh’s Journey: Part 9

From Josh:

June 28, 2021

We spent our last day on Manitoulin Island enjoying a walk along the waterfront in the town of Little Current. Unfortunately, the weather was cloudy & drizzly so we didn’t get any more lake time in, but we did find this super awesome automated Pizza machine in a small shipping container – literally looked like it was dropped in a gravel parking lot! Fresh, hand-made raw pizzas are refrigerated inside, you place your order via the touch screen, pay by tapping your credit card, then the robotic machine takes over and 3 minutes later your hot pizza pops out! And they are EXCELLENT. Thin, chewy hand-stretched crust and fresh toppings – mmmmm. Is anyone interested in partnering on bringing a few machines to the Victoria area? 🙂

Instead of driving around Georgian Bay, we took the Chi-Cheemaun ferry from Manitoulin across to the Bruce Peninsula. It was extremely foggy, so we missed what was likely a spectacular view, but it saved us about 5 hours of driving around so it was all good. After getting off the ferry, we made our way down to the town of Sauble Beach, ON which is on the shores of Lake Huron. We got caught in the middle of a torrential downpour right as we arrived at our campground – maybe the rain in Grasslands during one of the thunderstorms was as heavy, but definitely nothing we get on the west coast compares to the intensity of the rainfall we’ve had at times on this trip! I was soaked through by the time we were set up.

Sauble Beach is awesome – we’ve pretty much just enjoyed the beach since we’ve been here, and the sun has finally come out for us. It is an 11km long sandy beach – beautiful, fine sand. You can wade out at least a hundred meters and still be standing on the bottom. There are no weeds and minimal smooth rocks in places, but otherwise, it feels like a beautiful tropical beach, except freshwater. The town itself is pretty cool, albeit a resort-ish town that seems geared to tourists. There are plentiful shops and restaurants that all feel pretty unique. We love it here!

June has had some ups and downs, but overall is doing OK. And of course, she LOVES the water, so lake time is a real treat for her – she’s such a water girl!

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